Author: Jutta Wohlrab

The comfort of a water birth

The hidden power of water

Water is the first element that humans are acquainted with. When we are in the womb, we float freely through time and space, entirely surrounded by amniotic fluid. No doubt at some level we remember dimly the ease and warmth of this fluid existence, since for most people water is very soothing and relaxing. How […]

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How to make yourself at home when you are not at home

Most women, at least in the Western world, will choose to go to hospital to give birth.  This has become part of our mainstream birth culture.  What women often don’t appreciate is that in fact they are going to an unfamiliar place to give birth, and they are likely to do so among total strangers. […]

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On all fours

Be Moved by Your Baby: Five Exercises for your Birth Body

Thousands of years ago, when we lived as hunter-gatherers, it was the women who were the gatherers.  The job of gathering meant that women would walk, bend down, squat, pick or uproot something, stand again, and walk on.  They would bend backwards and forwards to gather berries from bushes, and stretch up high to pick […]

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Frame Your Mind Right

Did you know that everyone has a ‘best friend on the other side’ within themselves — you could call them your Dr Feelgood! This person has the extraordinary power to make you feel good, strong, relaxed and positive, and to keep you in this positive frame of mind. During my studies of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) […]

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Breathe Yourself Into Relaxation

It has long been known that good breathing is one of the pillars of health and well-being. We know that if someone feels stressed-out and anxious, their breathing is usually fast and shallow. In such a situation the normal reaction would be to advise the person to take a deep breath and then to exhale […]

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