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Pregnancy Yoga

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Pregnancy Yoga (Online)

Health Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga.

Yoga can be perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. Health Benefits include:

Relax muscles.

Decrease stress.

Reduce tension.

Support restful sleep.

Experienced Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

As a fully qualified yoga teacher and pregnancy expert, I specialize in pregnancy yoga for pregnant women, with over 10 years of experience.

Yoga Class Details

In this class you will learn basic yoga movements, stretches and breathing techniques. We will also explore movements that help you to focus on your baby and for birth preparation.

Women-only Online Classes

Join our women-only yoga class from the comfort of your own home. Pregnant women can start yoga practice from 8 weeks up until their due date.

Pregnancy Yoga


Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesdays (11:00-12:00pm CET)

Wednesdays (18:00-19:30pm CET)


Online (Zoom)


Suitable for Beginners

Expecting mums (8 - 42 weeks pregnant)


15 EUROS (per class)

Antenatal Class: Happy Birthing Weekend (online)

Prepare for a happy, safe, and confident birth with our 2-day online class.

Birth Planning.


Partner Participation.

Birthing Techniques.

Discover a weekend of practical techniques and advice on pregnancy & birth, from an experienced midwife. Learn how to have a prepare your body & mind for a positive, happy, and confident birth.

Antenatal Class Details:

Learn about hormones in pregnancy & birth.

Understand the physiology of birth and labor.

Practice relaxation techniques & breath work.

Discover pregnancy-safe exercises.

Decide your birth preferences.

Find out how to bond with partner & baby.

Understand birth with the Midwife Method

Theory Learn from a midwife on how a birth really works with science.

Body Practice exercises and techniques to keep your body and baby happy.

Mind Discover NLP techniques to remove fears for a calm & confident mind.

Tribe Access a supportive online community of expecting mothers and share your experiences.

Pregnancy Yoga


Saturdays & Sundays

Saturdays (11:00 - 17:45pm CET)

Sundays (11:00 - 17:45pm CET)


Online (Zoom)


Suitable for Partners

Expecting mums (8 - 42 weeks pregnant)


169 EUROS (per person)

Happy Hypnobirthing (Online/ Live)

Prepare for a happy, calm and confident birth with our 4-day online, live class on zoom.

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Hypnobirthing & Meditation

Calm & Gentle Birth

Partner Participation.

Birthing Techniques.

Hypnobirthing can be a powerful tool in combating Tokophobia (Fear of giving birth) With these four online LIVE sessions with an experienced midwife, you will learn practical hypnobirthing techniques to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for a confident and calm birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing Live class details:

4 x LIVE interactive coaching classes on Zoom with Jutta (2.5 hours for each class).

FREE access to over 2 hours of hypnobirthing birthing technique videos.

FREE Happy Birthing Days Book (RRP 11.99).

FREE ticket for your birthing partner.

Recording is available if you missed the live class.

What you will gain:

Theory Guided practice tools to prepare for a positive birth that is right for you. Learn how to trust your natural birthing abilities and instinct.

Mind Immerse yourself in deep relaxation with positive breathing techniques, meditation and affirmations. Feel more confident and in control of your birthing experience and release birth fears.

Body Work with your body to minimize pain and increase comfort for you and your baby. Reduce chances of medical intervention and length of labour.

Tribe Access a supportive online community of expecting mothers and share your birth preparation and experiences.


Every Tuesday for 4 weeks

Tuesdays (6:00pm - 8:30pm CEST)

Class Duration: 2.5 hours


Online & Live (Zoom)


Suitable for Partners

Expecting mums (8 - 42 weeks pregnant)


547 EUROS (per couple)

1-2-1 Online Consultation with an expert midwife

Do you need to talk to a healthcare professional about the upcoming birth? I provide private online consultations. Book your appointment today.