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Jutta’s Story… continued

I had been a midwife my whole working life and to tell you the truth, I loved it, it was (and still is) the perfect career for me and something I will do till my last breath.

I was very fortunate, I had got to work at some of the best hospitals and birth centres in the world, in numerous countries on three continents. I loved seeing how other countries treated their ‘mums to be’ and the subject of pregnancy & birth. The practice of female health really is different from country to country, it’s surprising just how varied each country in how it treats it’s women and their physical & mental well being.

As a midwife I had helped bring well over 2500 babies into this world, attended numerous births, from hospital births, home births, water births and even an elevator birth, plus every type of birth in between. I have seen it all.

Yet in spite of all of my experience I could see that something was seriously wrong in my profession, dangerously wrong!

After 30 years in the profession, I came to two sad but true realisations…

Western medicine is failing women, their partners and more importantly their babies.

1 – The Global Problem

We like to think that we’ve advanced to a point where we have the best health system in the world. Unfortunately the facts state otherwise.
It is beyond the scope of this page to explain in great detail why, but in a nutshell there’s a global crisis in midwifery and it’s getting worse every year.

On a global level, year on year the birth intervention rate is going up. Some of the so called richest countries in the western world have some of the worst intervention rates globally! Why?

This is mainly due to western hospitals treating every woman’s pregnancy and birth as a standardised procedure, a ‘one size fits all’ type of service.

In my time as a midwife I can categorically say that not every pregnancy and birth is the same. Sure there’s many similarities, but every women is unique and so is the birth of her child!

This the global problem.

2 – The Individual One!

At an individual level, I’m seeing more and more women approaching the so called ‘happiest day of their lives’ totally scared, confused and seriously unprepared, make that totally unprepared!

This has been getting worse and worse every year, and I think I know why. Simply put…

We are losing the true knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, birth and general female health. There’s simply too much conflicting information!

With information being so freely available on the web, the internet has now it has become the ‘go to’ place for learning new skills.

The web is truly a wonderful thing, but when it comes to your health ‘Dr Google’ is not your friend!

I was amazed to see that anyone with a basic understanding of pregnancy and birth is now giving professional advice online on pregnancy, birth and female health!! Some of the advice other people are sharing is downright dangerous!

What happened after my speech? How does this story end?

After I highlighted the problems I saw in the birthing profession, I decided that talking about things won’t get us very far. I knew I had to do something more, and so…

I wrote a book titled “Happy Birthing Days”, which became a bestseller on Amazon in the UK, Australia and Germany (I know, little old me! Bestseller, I still can’t believe it!)

This was written for women and their partners so that they can learn how to truly have a safe, confident and happy (yes, happy) pregnancy & birth.

All my knowledge, wisdom, tips and tricks have gone into this book, over 30 years!

This was my labour of love 🙂

I love receiving emails from all over the world telling me how much people enjoyed reading it and how it helped them with their pregnancy. Surprisingly, I get just as many ‘thank you’ emails from the fathers, which makes me very happy.

Happy Birthing Days (The Book)

At the same time I decided to do something about the misinformation that’s on the web. This was because I was sick of seeing poor advice being shared by non qualified teachers.

I created an online video course – Happy Birthing Days (Online Program)

This is a safe, online place for women to learn about pregnancy, birth and female health, taught by myself (a professional, qualified, experienced midwife).

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Jutta as a midwife, and also enjoyed participating in her yoga classes both pre and post baby.”

– Melisa, Australia

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“I just participated in Jutta’s weekend birthing class with my partner, and we loved it. Highly recommend for anyone about to give birth.” 

– Gemma, New Zealand

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“Very Good course! Two days full of helpful and positive info about natural birth.”

– Vendu, Spain

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“I can strongly recommend Jutta’s course “Happy Birthing Days”! I really enjoyed it and feel more confident and positive about the upcoming birth.”

– Mariana.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting and insightful Happy Birthing Days course. Would recommend for all.”

– Sadie, Germany